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fiskadoro says hi


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May 24, 2010
Chicago, IL
Hello all.

I loved my iPhone. No, it's true! I used to live in California and my AT&T signal on my rather aging and scratched-up 2G iPhone was fine. Then I moved to Chicago, and suddenly my signal is horrible and I'm barely receiving calls, even though the rest of the phone is fine.

So I've decided to switch to Sprint and try the Evo 4G, if that doesn't work for me, I'll try the Droid Incredible on Verizon instead. I need a more reliable carrier first and foremost, hence my desire to get away from AT&T. I know I barely use the 'phone' part of my phone, but when I need to, it damn well better work, that's what I say!

But at the same time, after much reading and research, I'm really beginning to see the advantages of Android now, and I'm excited to be switching. I've enjoyed the iPhone a lot, and I probably would have stuck with it if AT&T didn't suck here so much, but at the same time, it just seems that Apple is getting more and more 'closed' -- just look at the iPad for example.

I've never been an Apple fan boy, but I do like their laptops and use one for work... that's not going anywhere for now, but the next iPhone iteration doesn't seem too revolutionary to me, and I'm stunned at how far Android has come, and how the new HTC devices are so impressive with their specs, power, and abilities.

With Google TV on the way, more open-source and community development encouraged via Android, I hope that Sprint works out for me. Even if it doesn't and I switch to a different carrier, I'm still going to be an Android person for the foreseeable future and I hope I won't be disappointed! And there's the crux to this entire situation I think: With Android, I get the opportunity to pick and choose a network to some extent, but with iPhone (and I was an early adopter), I was tied, and still would be tied, to AT&T if I chose to upgrade to the iPhone 4G in June.
Thanks. I hope it works out. If, for any reason, the coverage with Sprint is terrible (and that's a possibility I guess), I do appreciate their return guarantee, and I could always plump for the Incredible on Verizon instead. Sure, I'd lose half-an-inch screen-wise and the potential bells and whistles with 4G, but it'd still be a great Android-based phone to enjoy!
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