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For Sale : $445 : Samsung Verizon Galaxy S3 16GB Pebble Blue


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Oct 16, 2011
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..For Sale

..Samsung Verizon Galaxy S3 16GB Pebble Blue


Shipping Included?

Payment Options
..Paypal, Cash

..Great: Device in great shape and all original included items

Extra Included Items
..Black Metal Bumper Case..Gotta find it, but i know i have it somewhere! Never used it!

Additional Information/Comments
Excellent condition Galaxy S3...

Back has a few "scuffs" on the back, nothing major at all, or even minor on that note. Just normal use. I bought a extra official oem backplate so that is included also. Never opened and it is the same exact cover you get with the phone, straight from Verizon.

Screen, Mint other than a small surface scratch on the left side. I tried to take a pic of it but it is extremely hard to see and not noticeable when using the phone really.

EDIT* Charger cable is included, it must have been to far off to the side when i took the pics and did not get included!
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I noticed In the pic I took of the screen it looks like what may look like a scratch on the bezel but it is not, just a reflection. Just did a double take and don't want people thinking that's the scratch so I figured I'd mention it. The actual scratch I noticed as I was putting a screen protector on and noticed it when I tilted the phone on an angle and could barely see it. Can take more pics if need be.
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