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[Free] [App] Do you write down dribs and drabs of your life?


The life is like a flowing river, it takes all the bends and curves that you don’t know. Sometimes, what is around you is just basic and mundane stuff; sometimes, you are experiencing the exciting great moment; sometimes, you are endeavoring to come out of certain conditions of your life but you are forced to live with them; sometimes, you never anticipate some incidents to happen but luckiness comes suddenly when you are oblivious of it.

Why not record these dribs and drabs of your life? Why not archive the memories for you to look back on. Write them down as a private diary with “My Diary” and it will let you go back to them whenever you want. No matter if it’s a short note or a lengthy story, this beautifully-designed tiny app helps you organize everything in the easiest way.

Google Play Store: https://goo.gl/mLaTKh


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