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[Free] [Coming Soon] Endless National - Build your own Empire!

We plan to begin our first beta test in March. Join our Discord to interact with our developers and get the latest news!
Discord: https://discord.gg/mDKfCTtpAQ

Endless National takes place in a world where is perpetually at war. The rulers of the various nations fight endlessly over land and people. The land in middle of the world is rich, and is the prime target of all the nations. Whoever rules the center, rules the world. In order to conquer the central landmass, the nations of the world formed 4 alliances, splitting the world into 4 quadrants. You are a new lord, and must build your nation to prepare for the upcoming war. Would you rule your land as a dignified warrior, a wise monarch, or a warmonger? The fate of the world is in your hands.

Endless National is a strategy game that focuses on providing a fair and authentic battlefield experience. Compared to other strategy games, we believe we have made some bold innovations.

No Resources for Sale:
We will not sell resources, speed-ups, quick march items, as these often break the balance of the game.

No EXP for Sale:
All Hero EXP must be earned through in-game activities. To compensate, we have ensured that raising Heroes in Endless National will not take up as much time, resources, or money.

We believe it is more fun to beat your opponents with skill and strategy.

Lords will not be able to plunder resources from other Lords' cities. You are instead encouraged to focus on strategic battles (holding certain locations/cities etc). You will be able to experience large scale battles and sieges.

The maximum number of Troops each Lord can command is the same, making every Lord who participates in a battle a critical component of the fight. The contributions of every Lord matters.

Endless National's in-game maps were made with reference to real world terrain. Lords will encounter rivers, mountains, lakes, and seas that may look familiar to you. Lords will need to work around the terrain in order to gain an upper hand.

The numerous obstacles also forces Lords to work together. You must advance and retreat together. Work with other Lords (or betray them if you have to). All is fair in love and war! There will also be staged battles (based on famous real world battles) that you may encounter.

Lords will be able to play as various civilizations, and experience their unique architecture, characteristics, meet famous historical figures, and more! What kind of sparks will fly when all these ancient civilizations meet each other in battle? Endless National currently has 12 unique civilizations, 59 Heroes, and many more in the works! Stay tuned for more updates!

After reading everything above, you must be excited to get your hands on Endless National! With that in mind, we would like to official annouce that Endless National 1st beta starts in March! See you then!


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