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[FREE GAME] Micromakers: Cookie Factory (Action Puzzle) from Pygmy Banana

My name is Jani Vaarala and I am the co-founder of 2-person game startup Pygmy Banana Publishing.

During the last 9 months we have been pushing hard to get our first game ready for mobile devices (tablets and phones on iOS and Android). Our first creation is called:

"Micromakers: Cookie Factory"

We are pretty sure that you haven't played this kind of game before. At least we are not aware of anything like it. This is actually the driving force in our company too. We want to create original game designs instead of rebranding old game themes.

Go try out the game. It's FREE for Android with very modest advertising.

The forum is limiting my post, so I can't add any screen shots to it or I can't link to the game, but you can search it by the name from Google Play and see also the screenshots from there.

Couple of videos also available on our web page.

Thanks for your time.


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