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[FREE GAME] New arty AnimaLines by Kynitex

New FREE game AnimaLines by Kynitex is officially released! And it has been featured in Mobango and SlideMe markets since the very first day or release!!!!

Join the crowd of fans of this addictive and charming wildlife iteration of a classic lines puzzle game right now! https://market.android.com/details?id=com.kynitex.games.AnimaLines

The highest quality and the art style really are the game's strong points. Cute animations with tiniest details and smooth physics make AnimaLines very much appealing and endearing.

Build horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines of colorful animals - each having its own character and a unique sound - to group them into 5 or more and earn points, try not to fill the board completely. You only win the game when empty the board completely!




AnimaLines is adapted for beginners and kids with a plenty of easier Lines modes. So it


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