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[FREE/PAID] Pyro Live, fire physics simulation Live Wallpaper


I've just released my live wallpaper, Pyro Live. It's a fully interactive and customisable fire physics simulation for your Android phone/tablet desktop!

Here's a youTube vid preview:
Pyro Live Wallpaper - YouTube

It's available in two flavours (free and paid) up on the Google Play marketplace:


Here's the full app details:
Set your world ablaze with this highly interactive Live Wallpaper!

Pyro Live PRO: Set your Android phone or tablet ablaze with this fully customisable and highly interactive Live Wallpaper.

FLAMES spread and flow, driven by a realistic fire simulation. DRAW flame with a flick of your finger... EXPLODE with a tap!

* Set the color manually, randomly, or let it cycle
* Choose the intensity and type of flame drawing
* Turn the ambient fire on or off
* select the strength of explosion. KA-FREAKIN-BOOM!
* Highly optimised! Silky smooth frame rates and minimal battery consumption
* Companion app let's you play without interruptions!

Cheers Android Forums members! :p
So we've been extremely busy refactoring a lot of the code and improving the app :)
So without further ado, another day... another update!
Latest feature changes:

  1. By request, ambient fire can now be customised in intensity, as well as turned off completely.
  2. You asked and we listened! Battery consumption is now no higher than regular wallpapers!
  3. Improved useability; The companion app now helps users to set the wallpaper if they choose to, and settings are laid out more logically.

In addition to this, we now have a web presence - Pleasant Monkey | Purveyors of fine apps
And a newly released wallpaper, Autumn Grove 3D (very excited about this one!):

As usual, let me know any and all feedback! Already the feedback we've got has helped make Pyro Live even more butt-kicking :D keep it coming!
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