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Free WIFI in Mexico on my Droid X?


Jul 7, 2010
Going to Mexico next month for vacation at a resort. The resort has free WIFI.

Taking my Droid X so I can check my email.

If I put the Droid X in airplane mode and only activate the WIFI will I NOT incurr charges on my Verizon bill.

Basically I want to use the Droid X as a computer with no penalty from Verizon for roaming in a foreign country.

I don't want to tether - I just want to send and receive emails and use the web.

Forgive me if this is too basic of a question.

I do it all the time. You can also change your data settings to home only the same with your phone so you are not taking calls or using data while in Mexico. That being said, if you recieve text messages you might get billed a lot, so your airplane mode is probably better.

You should also download the regular version of Skype - so, you can make Skype calls on WIFI while in Mexico. I'm not sure if the Verizon version of Skype will let you make calls on WIFI when you are outside of the US, but just in case download the non-Verizon Skype and have it on your phone.

So. Short answer is YUP, you can do exactly what you are thinking of doing, and you can try it from home. Just click airplane mode, and then click on WIFI. (Don't do it the other way around, as I think when you activate airplane mode it turna WIFI off.)

Once you are in WIFI mode, you can use the internet and get your mail, and not have any roaming charges. I use sweet dreams every night to disable the phone and leave WIFI on just to keep a stay phone call from waking me up.

What you might NOT be able to do is send email using the mail application. I have had trouble while traveling sending email from one of my accounts when on WIFI. What is strange is that when I switch to 3G, the mail goes out.

As long as you have access to a web based email as a backup you should be fine.
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