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Froyo broke my headphones

I don't think it's (only) Froyo but more to do with an app that's causing this. This happened to me before Froyo and I blame an app that I'm using for it. I couldn't find the app and I think the only way (for me) I feel to get the control to work again is to reset the phone...which I am loating to do :( If someone else have a solution, that'd be great.
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I have the same problem but it started before I updated the phone. I think I damaged some of the wires in my headphones by putting my phone in my pocket while the headphones were plugged in. I figured the constant movement and bending of the cord so close to the 3.5mm connection point may have damaged something internally. This isn't the first time I've damaged headphones this way and I'm sure I'm not the only one this has happened to.
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