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Froyo + Car Dock = Ruined sound quality on last.fm


Feb 19, 2010
Ever since the Froyo update the sound quality of any internet radio app goes down the crapper when the phone is docked. The volume decreases and it sounds worse. If I take it out of the dock while the music is still playing the sound returns to normal quality. So if I want to listen to music when I drive I can't have it plugged into the dock which kinda ruins the point of it.

I connect my N1 to my car stereo via aux cable. Any tips on how to fix this as it's becoming annoying...
Hi, thanks for the responses.

I am not rooted and don't plan to do so. Bluetooth would be an option if my car stereo supported it. I can't afford to upgrade it right now though.

I guess my only choice is to wait until Google releases some sort of fix for it. It worked before so I'm assuming something in the Froyo code is making the volume and quality go to crap because it always worked perfectly in 2.1. I don't see why Google couldn't fix it in the next update.


Looks like a fix was submitted.
Issue 9445 - android - car dock automatically lowering volume after updating to 2.2 - Project Hosting on Google Code
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