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Help Fully Falshed Boost HTC EVO 4G: Internet Problem


Jan 5, 2013
Less than 6mo ago I purchased a fully flashed boost HTC EVO 4G from someone and the internet and everything was working perfectly fine. About one week ago I noticed I had stopped getting emails and other notifications that would normally show up on my phone stopped. I tried to go on the internet and I would be prompted by google that there was no internet connection available- despite my full bar coverage.

At home I have WiFi and the second I am in close proximity to the WiFi range all my emails and notifications come in. But outside of the range...like if I were at a restaurant- nothing. I am not even able to use my navigation app...which is my favorite.

Can someone please help me. I dont know anything about phones and or technology and I am hoping there is a relatively simple way to fix all of this. Especially since I am paying boost $50 bucks a month for unlimited use.

I really appreciate any helpful and troubleshooting advice anyone can offer. Thanks!:)


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