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Help G1 won't lock anymore


Mar 6, 2010
So, all of a sudden, my G1 froze up and I had to take the battery out in order to get it working.

Now, it no longer locks when I press the red power button, or when it is left idle. Also, when I press and hold the power button, the only option available is to turn off the power. The "Airplane Mode" and the third option... I think it was Standby... are gone.

This is pretty annoying, since I can't lock the phone anymore.

Any help would be great.

I'm at v1.6 for the firmware.

Wow, and now the camera button doesn't work. Here are the other details for the phone:

1.) Model Number ? T-Mobile G1
2.) Firmware Version ? 1.6
3.) Baseband Version ? 62.50s.20.17h_2.22.19.26I
4.) Kernel Version ? 2.6.29-00479-g3c7df37 android-build@apa26 #19
5.) Build Number ? DRC83

Thanks again
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