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Help G2X LG-P999, corrupts images taken with Gingerbread app.


Apr 20, 2012
I purchased this phone when it was at 2.2.2, and it worked fairly well, except for it's occasional "Tegragasms" where it would spontaneously reboot about every day at random. The Gingerbread update was intended to fix this rebooting issue, and it apparently has been resolved. In all, I find this phone to be pretty well made, good fit-n-finish, and it's pretty snappy performance as well. However, the update replaced the camera application. Since that has happened, when I take a photograph, it moves to the spot in the gallery fine. If I only take one picture, and quit the camera app, then go into the gallery, it shows a grey box where the image is, and when I pull the image to a computer, it shows it's corrupted beyond repair. It's also done this to existing images in the gallery, but much less often. I have not tested this with video filming yet. It's immensely frustrating, as It was happening when I wasn't paying attention, and many photographs are already gone for good. I've done a factory reset, and that didn't resolve the issue either.

I guess, I'm wondering if this is happening to anyone else? Is there a modification that I can set up to prevent this from happening?


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