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Galaxy Nexus keeps rebooting! Tried everything!



So my Samsung galaxy nexus (4.2.1) is in a boot loop currently.

There are no available updates for it.

Factory Reset from settings menu does not work (button shows it's being pressed but nothing happens, then crash)

Safe mode can only be turned on by pressing volume buttons while rebooting, but serves no purpose (will not factory reset, delete apps, change settings, etc)

Hard reset from boot-loader menu and recovery does not work (says the process is completed, yet no changes are made)

Also, installing that "infamous" toolkit on the computer and connected phone to computer via USB and flashing stock images or however it is called does not work either as, for some reason, our device is never found (and, yes, we did the debug mode, made sure it was connected, on boot-loader menu, etc we tried to follow the instructions as best as possible)

So by this point I want to give up, but I'm hoping someone has a solution out there. I'm not so tech-y so, if an idea isn't made for 10 year olds to understand, please explain the process and terms.


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