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galaxy s III head phones?


Jul 1, 2012
Does anyone have some stock s3 headphone they arent using and would be willing to part with if I pay for shipping?

I somehow lost mine yest. I would greatly appreciate if someone isnt using theirs or dont want them. Like I said I would pick up shipping. thank you.
Sorry I don't have a pair to offer you. I hope you can get a pair. You may want to consider that whilst 'stock' pairs all look the same, they are not. I have two pairs and those that were made in Vietnam are seriously bad quality sound. Those that were made in China, however, have a good quality sound.

If you still have the plastic wrap from yours, it will say on that where they were made, and if you liked yours, you may want to specify where they were made.

If anyone has a pair to give, where they're made is also stated on the part of the wiring where it splits from the single cable into two.

I wonder if anyone else has had similar experience.
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