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Galaxy S Market Place not working, please help!


Jul 7, 2011
Hey all,

I'm a newbie to this site and need help!

I have a Galaxy S on O2 Ireland and the Market place isn't working, error message: "A network error has occurred. Retry or cancel and return to the previous screen."
I have have tried it on a wi-fi network and the same problem, I have just upgraded to the lastest software and no good either.
I've had the phone since Dec & never had a problem with it til last week.
I've heard that if I do a factory reset it'll fix it but I don't want to loose all my games and apps, can anyone please help!
Welcome to Android Forums!

Sometimes the market can get a little strange from one location and be perfectly fine for another. If the data center servicing your region is having issues, then it may account for the problem. Make sure you can connect to the network and browse the web. If you can, then wait a few hours, it might clear itself up.
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