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galaxy s3 facebook, messages and crashing help!!!


Aug 9, 2012
Hi all i need help with a few things on my s3....its just over a month old and already having problems.

Problem #1. Facebook: i had an issue where when i was in the standard facebook app (that was on the phone from first switching it on), it would freeze up and constant vibrate for about 5 - 10 seconds before popping back to life whenever i received a text message. I uninstalled the facebook app and installed the one off of the market place thinking it would be a fresh install and most up to date version. Once installed i realised the freezing was still happening sometimes crashin the phone completely and sending it into a ******ed reboot. Upon opening the newly installed facebook i noticed it shows a blue screen with the facebook logo which it hadnt before. I looked at my girlfriends s3 facebook and found it to be completely different to the one i installed. Yet when i share her facebook to my phone it sends me to the exact page i installed facebook from....my biggest problem now is that the new facebook on my s3 will not let me post a status but will let me comment...it just force closes after white then black screening.

Problem #2. Messages: i recieve a text message, read it then go back to homescreen to find the icon for messages is stuck showing i have a new text message. I deoeted all my text conversations and the icon but as soon as i add the icon back and recieve a text it does it again.

Problem #3. Crashes: general crashin freezing and restarting randomly really getting on my nerves.

Problem #4. When using the headphones i got with the phone i will call someone lock my screen put the phone in my pocket (because headphones make it handsfree) then find the screen unlocks its self in my pocket....i figured this was because of the sensor bein covered then uncovered (like if ur calling someone normally removing the phone from your ear brings the screen back on) but if im using headphones why wouldthe sensor be active? Thats like using the handsfree but still bringing the phone up to your ear....its really a lack of common sense and detail on the developers side. Things like this need to be ironed out.

If anyone can help please reply on here or email me it would be much appreciated

I love the phone to bits its amazingly fast but one month into owning it and already getting stressed at things not working how they should...especially when i have a friend with a 12 month old galaxy s2 that works just as well if not better....

Email pmannerz91@hotmail.co.uk

Thanks for reading
I have exactly the same problems - at first. Now its getting worse and every application is closing back to the home screen.
It took ten mins to read this as my browser (phone) kept crashing - have ended up on PC instead..... A lot of money when I cant use the damn phone!

Anyone else with similar issues / ways to resolve?
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Hi, well if it freezes up and vibrates when connecting to Facebook after just buying the phone, then this isn't normal behavior in the huge majority of Android phones or the Forum would be full of complaints about the same thing. Also this is undesirable behavior that software wouldn't get shipped with on purpose.

If for some reason your phone software has these problems then I would suggest to take it to a phone technician near you who can look at putting new software on there for you, or if you are under warranty you can explain this situation to your network operator who can arrange for a replacement phone for you :)
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Along the same line, I've only had an att s3 for about a week. Had an infuse, which worked but like all sams/androids(?) it froze a lot.

The s3 probably freezes more often than the infuse, going to a screen something about "unresponsive" but after a few seconds it "unfreezes"---at least I don't have to power off. But it's doing this quite often. Is this unique to my device. I'm going into an att store to compare display units and ask. advice??
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