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Galaxy S5 from ATT and now on T-Mobile, loss of VOIP by T-mobile


Oct 19, 2014
I have taken a ATT Galaxy G S5 and moved it over to T-Mobile. I am wondering if I am losing any data transfer compatibility due to frequency differences between ATT and T-Mobile. I can't check myself at the moment, the location I am at in rural Pennsylvania only has "Edge" coverage on T-Mobile.

Also- it appears T-mobile's VOIP android app is only made available for phones sold by T-Mobile. This is frustrating as in my home in rural PA, I can't get a T-mobile cell signal. I planned on using T-mobile VOIP app off my home wifi, but T-mobile support told me I had to have a t-mobile branded phone to do this (I know I can use a third party app- but the T-mobile app worked great when I used it on my old HTC ONE M7).


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