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Galaxy S7 Edge - Battery Life Improvements and Not Exploding Your Phone


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  • Mar 26, 2008
    Conserving battery life is important and in the Galaxy S7 user manual, Samsung provides some "official" tips on keeping your phone alive the longest. Here they are:

    Reducing the battery consumption
    Your device provides various options that help you conserve battery power.
    • Optimise the device using the Smart manager.
    • When you are not using the device, switch to sleep mode by pressing the Power key.
    • Activate power saving mode.
    • Close unnecessary apps.
    • Deactivate the Bluetooth feature when not in use.
    • Deactivate the Wi-Fi feature when not in use.
    • Deactivate auto-syncing of apps that need to be synced, such as emails.
    • Decrease the backlight time.
    • Decrease the screen brightness.
    They also provide an official warning to not use 3rd party chargers or your phone could explode, so next time you see a "Some dude's Galaxy S7 explodes" article on the interwebz... you were warned.

    Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 12.46.28 PM.png
    Isn't smart manager just the Samsung version of Clean Master by Cheetah Mobile?

    If yes, using it is pointless.
    Yeppers & a good reason to root.
    Samsung mentions they've leaned up TouchWiz a bit by having some of the features separated into apps,which are easily disabled,or just uninstall altogether.
    That's a nice start,but,not really much of a difference from what they have now.
    Making Knox & SmartManager aka Cheater Mobile spyware removable would do wonders for performance & battery life.

    Sure,Knox may be nice for enterprise,but seriously,how many people use it ?
    Enough to make it standard equipment? I seriously doubt the numbers support that.
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    So the 7 Edge will come with a fast charger? Cause now on my HTC M9 I bought a Quick Charger 2.0 wall charger off Amazon that I use. M9 didn't come with a quick charge 2.0 charger. But I want to have an extra fast charger at work will the quick charge 2.0 one work or can I order another same charger that comes with the phone? Sorry I am going from HTC to Samsung and this is all new to me. LOL! Thanks!
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