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[Game][Free]High Noon Shooting Gallery


Apr 13, 2012
Hi all,

I've made a simple (but fun) shooting gallery game for Android phones 2.1 and up. It features 15 beautiful backgrounds which change every 4,000 points. Game play is dead simple, tap where you want to shoot and hit as many of the targets as you can before either your time or bullets run out. You can turn the sound on or off from the in game menu.

It's available at the play store from:

Or the paid one is at:

It's not hard to play but it's very hard to master (you need skill, luck and tactics to get beyond 15,000). If you are well skilled and/or tactilely dexterous enough you can try to hit the fly that buzzez around randomly.

If you've got a few minutes or hours to kill give it a shot.




It reckons I can't post pictures yet so I guess the screen shots won't come through...
I've updated the game. It's a lot better now, there's new targets past 10,000 points and it uses less battery power. There's also a paid version available which doesn't have the ads.

I forgot to put a link into the original post so I'll do it now.

My best score is about 19,200, can anybody better this?
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