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[Game][Free] Zombie and little girls


Welcome to the exciting world of the war on evil! Will you be able to hold out against the hordes of zombies, saving the lives of little girls that were in the wrong place and at the wrong time?
Everything depends only on you, your reaction and ingenuity!

Games against zombies have flooded the expanses of app stores, but if you are looking for something new, interesting and exciting and are already tired of the games about zombies against plants and variations of this topic, it is the time to pay your attention to Zombies & Little Girls

So, what is expecting you here?



Your goal is to destroy the maximal number of zombies without pressing on girls that also appear on the display. The game time is not limited; it goes on until you “kill” three girls in one game. The player wins if he gets more scores than for previous games. If their number is less – you will lose.


At your disposal there are only 6 minutes to destroy as many zombies as possible. At that, you also need to “avoid” little girls. Three wrong hits – and you lose. The win happens when getting a bigger number of scores for killed zombies than in previous games.


To kill a zombie, only one tap on its image is enough. They appear on different parts of the screen with different speed and intervals, so the reaction speed must be maximal. And the more scores you’ve already got, the more difficult the game becomes. The visualization is made in a drawn, minimalistic and neat style. All this is completed with a grim night atmosphere and excellent specification.

But fortunately, the player can get additional bonuses in the game:

For 20 seconds, all girls are highlighted, and you will definitely not tap on them, accidentally mixing them up with zombies

All girls on the screen are “frozen” and don’t move for 20 seconds. In the freezing mode, even if you accidentally tap on a girl, nothing will happen and you won’t lose one of the three possible scores.

An additional life
The number of possible accidentally killed girls increases for 1.

Zombies & Little Girls – an action game about zombies for Android in that you will immerse yourself not for only one hour. Stylish graphics, intensive game play, nice sound and music accompaniment – all this makes the game really exciting and enthralling.

It is time to show that you are ready to face off real evil and save all innocent.

Only excellent records to you!






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