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Gameboid on Samsung Galaxy S3 Lag with Sound


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Aug 2, 2012
London, UK
Hello all,

Firstly, loving the forum - been using it for a week and already hooked.

I've run a few searches on the forum but I can't seem to find an answer for my problem.

Gameboid runs perfectly fine on my S3 (when playing Pokemon Emerald) - but only when the sound is turned off. When the sound is turned off - oh good God the lag!!

I've adjusted all the settings, adjusted the frame skip and everything as many people have suggested and changed every possible setting - but to no avail!!

The only way I can play is by muting the game which detracts from the experience...

Anyone know of any possible way to fix this?

Many thanks.


I playing Pokemon emerald on SGSIII too , and i have almost the someproblem but here is my problem :

when i was playing i opened the bag and when i checked my supplies it gets a lag..
the game screen just got freezed, i was really far from my last save so i saved it ( F**K !) and thinked it will be okey when i restart the gameboid.. but it was stil freezed, i restarted the my S3 but stil.. freezed.

details abaout it:
the music stil playing in the cave i was
the gameboid menu work normaly
new gome works normaly with no problem
i was in the half of the pokemon emerald
the buttons ( A,B , arrows ) response

i have the savegame of it if someone want plz write me

Big thanks if y help.
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