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Help Games and other apps not showing in the Market for me?


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Nov 2, 2010
next door
I looked for Angry Birds, searched everywhere, and no result. Not just that, other apps too. N.O.V.A., Pandora Radio, and other apps that I've heard off never show up on my market.

I am using a HTC Legend running Android 2.1 official OTA, never rooted. What's wrong? I live in Canada and bought the phone from Virgin but using Rogers.

Thanks, and I apologize if this thread has been posted numerous times, I couldn't find the answer I was looking for.
I had exactly the same problem.
When I first found it, I had 2.1, then to save space, I uninstalled it. when I went to find it in the market again, it had disappeared.
I recently updated to 2.2 & there was Angry Birds! I think because they added new levels, they updated the software for it.
But still that doesnt explain why my partner & I could never download the same app when we both had 2.1....
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