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General info on GTV220 Android TV Box


Oct 26, 2011
My mum has just purchased a GTV220 Android TV Box (God love her!!) and was having difficulty finding a place to plug it into her TV as the required ports were already occupied by her digital TV Set Top Box and she was trying to plug it into the back of that and/or her DVD player without success.

I suggested that she unplug the digital TV Set Top Box and connect the GTV220 direct to her TV and that seems to have worked.

Firstly, will the GTV220 replace her digital TV set top box or do they both provide different functionality/access to different Australian or International channels i.e. will the GTV220 give her the same access to the same Australian digital channels she currently gets through her digital TV set top box plus more, and internet access.

Secondly, is there any sort of 'double adapter' she should get so that both sets (if required) can be run through the same component port or is there a better way to set her hardware up so that she does not have to keep changing the plugs when she wants to use either, as there is only 1 set of component ports and apart from the standard AV1 and 2 ports there is nothing more fancy for her to plug it into. The TV is a Sharp LC-22GA3M/X.

Also, I am not yet familiar with this technology, but I am I right in thinking that the GTV220 is around to allow you to use your TV as basically a monitor to view stuff that you would usually use your PC/Laptop for, or does it have a broader range of functionality/performance improvements i.e. processing speed and/or the ability to save stuff to a hard drive that would not be able to be done on a PC/Laptop.

I am thinking that I currently attach my laptop to my TV and can sit on my lounge and use my wireless keypad and mouse to access emails, internet etc and use the 'source' button on my TV remote to toggle through the 'normal', 'digital' 'DVD', 'games' functions, so would there be some software I could download to my laptop to be able to access the other features (if any) that the GTV220 offers rather than having to buy new hardware.

Am I also right in thinking that the access to the internet/performance by the GTV220 will still be limited by the speed of my Mum's internet connection or does it have something that automatically improves this.

Am I also right in thinking that she needs to be mindful that using the GTV220 to do stuff that she would not normally do via her PC/internet could blow out her usage and cost her extra bucks or are there safeguards she should take to prevent this.

I am thinking specifically if she buys/downloads a movie to watch that it may be more expensive than just buying or renting it (setting aside the convenience factor) and/or will it be costing her in internet usage when watching their channels as opposed to the free ones she currently watches on her digital TV set top box.

A load of questions but I would really appreciate any help.


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