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GetUp! Alarm Clock: Manages to get me out of bed. Many others didn't.


Feb 5, 2011
I totally suck at getting out of bed. I can switch off an alarm the other side of the room (!), and quite easily get back in bed without even consciously realising. This has lead me to test a number of alternative Android alarm clocks.

I will be honest, this review isn't exactly impartial. I tried a number of other alarm clocks, I really did. Alarms that wake you up gently, alarms that require you to solve puzzles before you get up etc. They were better than the stock alarm for sure, but none of them truly made sure I was awake. The best solution for me, was to make one, and this is what I came up with. That said, I really am the harshest critic. I need an alarm clock that really will get me up, which is why I feel qualified enough to review it.

Anyway, on with the fun stuff...

The main feature I am interested in is the "Walk to dismiss" option. After silencing an alarm (assuming this option is set), the alarm will prompt you to walk around for a short period. I've had it set to 30secs, which seems to wake me up. If you don't walk around, the alarm goes back off again.


Pretty simple really, but also pretty effective. I've tried shaking it to fool it that I'm "moving", and although I can trick it for a few seconds it soon works out I'm being naughty and resets the timer.

The alarm includes most the standard options you would expect from a market alarm. You can use music as alarm melody, gently increase volume options, snooze options etc. Nothing revolutionary, but stuff I use.

Additional features I would like to see, is perhaps some puzzles to do before the "walk to dismiss". Wake up your mind before it forces you to walk around. Optional of course. Something along the lines of the maths puzzles you see in other alarm clocks.

As a conclusion, I'm pretty happy so for. I suck at getting up, and this app gets me up. Does what it says on the tin.


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