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Dec 11, 2009

I wonder if someone could help me please? I have just received my Hero from Orange and set up gmail on the phone. Unfortunately, I didn't restrict the settings to one or two days and I now have a phone with a couple of thousand old emails on it! Is there a way of deleting all, or many at once so I can try and clear it up and then settle on the 1 or 2 day setting with much simpler and faster clear up? I wonder for example if I can just delete the account?

I assume I do that via 'Manage applications'

Google Mail - clear data

Google Storage - clear data or clear cache

A thought. Could I just clear Gmail Storage in Airplane mode and then on reconnection, the two days option I now have on the phone would just download the last two days of emails?

Hope someone out there can help.


NB: Just one further point, in manage applications, google et al, there are buttons for 'clear data' for both google mail and storage. Do these buttons clear the programmes ie: 'programme data', or just the 'data' stored within the programme, ie: the email?
Welcome to the forums!

You need to go to the following:
Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Google Apps > "Clear data" > OK.

This will delete the Google account details on your mobile. I would assume this would remove the emails as well (best check the mail app before the next step though, to make sure).

To re-enter your details goto Menu > Settings > Data Synchronization > Google and you'll be asked to enter your account details.
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