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Gmail or Mail app

I've been reading about all the true push or not posts about the gmail app. I have a simple question that I hope has a simple answer. Which is better on your battery? I have a 3 gmail accounts set up to check every 4 hours. Is using the gmail app to get my mail in my main account better on the battery then checking every 4 hours? The other 2 accounts I can have them just not come to the phone until they figure out how to do more then one gmail account in the gmail app.

Basically is polling every 4 hours better on the battery then the gmail app?
Why not login to your main gmail account online and set that up to pull in via pop3 your other accounts emails?

I had until recently, both apps running but then I merged my email accounts to come via one address and now only need one account.

What I am not sure about here is if this will be the same from gmail accounts.

I have gmail picking up email from my own domain, however, on my own domain I do use the gmail servers.

If this will work for you then you have only one account running on your phone. you have only one app polling for emails but that app gets mail from all your accounts at once.
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