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GMail sync issues


Android Enthusiast
Jan 6, 2010
I have two gmail accounts on my phone.
both get mail all day long and generally its very good about it. here lately it has sucked, hard.
Looking at the accounts will show unread messages, the inbox itself will show unread messages via the counter but there are no messages to click on.
Log into google on the web and there they are, as I delete them the message counter counts down but still never shows the emails on the phone.
This seems to happen in the mornings.
Restarting the phone does nothing.
Running BB V1 No aftermarket email apps installed.
I am having the same problem. My default mail app is registering emails into my gmail account. But my Gmail app the counter will change with no email to click on. I also checked manually syncing it and all my other google services sync but my gmail portion of my google account will not and says last sync 2 days ago, no matter how many times I try to sync just that one or all my google services. My contacts and calendar update. Not Gmail.
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