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GMail via HTC mail app/widget?


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Apr 22, 2010
London, UK
I see it is possible to receive Gmail through the HTC mail app/widget but I have not yet found out how this is possible.

My Google account with Gmail app is working well with the phone- however, when I try to set up the HTC mail app at asks me if I want to use Exchange ActiveSynce or other (POP3/IMAP). I selected 'other' because I have enabled both POP and IMAP in the Gmail settings on my desktop.

When I type in my username and password an error message appears.

How have other people managed to use the HTC mail app with Gmail?

Many thanks :D
In the HTC email app setup a new account for the GMail
Protocol = IMAP
Email Addr = XXX@gmail.com (or whatever yours is)
Username = XXX@gmail.com
Password = <your password>
IMAP Server = imap.gmail.com
Security Type = SSL
Server Port = 993

Login required = Tick
Password = <your password>
SMTP Server = smtp.gmail.com
Security Type = SSL
Server port = 465

NOTE: If you don't want the GMail to be pulled on the main account then you can disable that
Menu>Accounts&Settings>Google>Sync Google Mail
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I did easily. I chose POP3 as well and then entered my username and password. It may have automatically added the @gmail.com. Any how, it works fine. I have both a Hotmail and Gmail account - to switch between the two, just tap the corner. You can also put shortcuts on the screen, which I did.

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You can setup GMail as Exchange/Active Sync Account.
Enter UserName as : xxxx@gmail.com and Password and click next.

After the account is validated enter the server name as : m.google.com

More information can be found at this link:

Set Up Your Apple Device for Google Sync : Google Sync - Google Mobile Help

This is a set-up for iPhone and it works well for HTC mail also.


Has anyone else got this working?

The gmail app sucks big time - but with a standard mail app you won't get label support or threaded messages...........I don't think.
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Any particular advantages of using the HTC Mail app over the GMail app?

One thing I find frustrating in the GMail app is when you reply or forward emails with several lines of text, the text at the bottom keeps getting cut off?? Anyone else?

The mail app comes with a Widget (only on Sense UI?) that you can preview new messages reply and delete all without leaving the home screen. The gmail app feels almost as if it is a browser running gmail.

Also someone said it doesn't support labels, but that's not exactly true. Exchange and pop/imap interfaces just interpret labels as folders.
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