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Good Silicone case?

I was looking at the Amzer gel case as well. Since there are no reviews for the evo one I looked at the HTC INC. reviews assuming they are made of the same material. They were mixed, most complained about it being a dust collector was all. I hate that it won't ship until 6/7. I plan to see what is in the stores then order over the weekend if I can't find anything.
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I just ordered the silicone jelly case and screen protector from amzer.com. I usually go naked, but I'll give this a try for the price to start with.
All my phone's have been naked. I think I'll probably do the same as you. I'm pretty rough with my devices, and I don't care to damage a device that is essentially 4.3 inches of glass in the front.
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i am also interested in some sort of rubber silicon case. justin, from epik cases, told me that he should have those in for the evo 2-3 weeks after the phone is released. it's frustrating that i can already find cases for the hd2 for only $1.99 and free shipping on ebay. i may go with amzer because i don't want my phone to go unprotected. i wish the kiosks in the mall carried something, but i have only seen the type of cases i want online.
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I'm waiting for Seidio's offering but I'm sure there will be a wait. They don't even have Incredible cases yet.

Case Mate is another good choice. I hope that I can pick up a generic silicone case at Sprint on June 4th. I need something day one.
Agreed. If you recall watching the EVO NYC event, there were some shots of silicone cases. I hope Sprint will have those on release day.
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I don't remember which one but 1 of the cases from that company looked like it completely covered the front camera and 1 looked like it covered it 1/2 way. Just be careful what you choose and make sure it is what you want. I personally will wait and see what they have in the sprint store when I go buy the phone.

it "appears" that only the argyle case would work w/ the evo w/o hindering functions of the phone such as the camera(s)
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