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Goodbye Motorola Triumph Community... (please read)

Tis a sad day as I write this message to all my fellow Motorola Triumph users. I have gotten my hands on the HTC Evo V 4G and am selling my Triumph to a friend. As I began to excitedly swap my phone on their website, a wave of sadness came over me...

I was never into phones until the Android OS started booming all over the place and I got my 1st taste of it on the wrong device which was the Samsung Intercept (piece of garbage). It wasn't until I seen that Virgin was going to get the Motorola Triumph that my confidence in our cell service began to rise. An exclusive phone that wasn't on any other carriers hurray! Calling around places to see if they had it before I went and picked up my girlfriend from the airport who was coming back from Sweden I nabbed one. Then I began to finally start learning and understand flashing roms, kernels and all other sorts of things that could make our devices not feel outdated. My girlfriend was always on my case about checking for updates on roms and looking to see if Isaac had messaged me to help me understand ADB. The fun times in trying out Alphas and reporting back problems. My 1st time visiting New York city for a vacation and taking pics and videos with my awesome phone. The 1st taste of Miui and CM7 for dessert. I had my fill but I couldn't help going back for more.

Since my girlfriend is nuts about her sister's IPhone I told her I could get her the same phone I had and make it have the aesthetic look of an IPhone if she wanted. She forbade me not to buy the device for her. I did it any way for her birthday telling her that when she goes back to visit her family in Sweden she could video chat with me anywhere on wifi. Of course I gave her Miui and she absolutely fell in love with her phone (funny cause she's really not into technology at all lol). Then I was reading rumors about the new HTC Evo 3D coming to Virgin. I told my girlfriend about it and she asked if I was getting it and I said no I'm not interested cause I already have an awesome phone...

News about the Evo 3D and its specs hit the web and I was hungry for more information. The OS, the processor and the fact that it would be Virgin's 1st true 4G phone was so tempting that I couldn't help but feel like I should upgrade. I had just sold my sh*tty Dr. Dre Studios and thought about putting money to the side for the phone. Then news that people were already getting only made my want for the device grow ten fold. I called a few Best Buys and RadioShack's to see if anybody had it to sell earlier than the street date and had no luck at all. Then today I thought eh what the hell let me just call RadioShack and see if they have it. They said they had just gotten one in and was going to close in 40 mins. I told them to put it to the side and that I was on my way (I had just gotten off from work at the airport, picked up a pizza and was literally waiting on the bus when I called). It was a good thing I was almost home. I put the pizza on the stove and ran out the door. Got there, paid for it, talked with the workers there for a bit and then came home. Then I sat at the computer and began to swap phones when all this went through my head for a minute or two...

I actually got a little teary. The thought of leaving this part of the forum felt like I was going to lose something. We got a device that was practically a baby and helped it grow into a tolerable teenager lol. I just wanted to share this story with all of you guys, the devs, the lurkers, the spammers, the fighters, the moderators, the noobs, the veterans, the up and coming developers...

I appreciate you all from the bottom of my heart and the community you guys have open your arms to us common folk. You guys are like family and I really like how this phone has brought you guys into my life. I may be gone from the Triumph forum and moving to the HTC Evo 4G forum (I may check here from time to time) but you guys will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you all for this. :)
I know that feel bro... I guess I'm one of the lucky ones I have NO issues with my beloved truimph but I too bough the evo v (should arrived about midday) so as I wait for my new phone I just can't not bring myself to part ways with my MT soo... I'm giving it to my wife! My MT has yet to fail me and it's almost as new as the day I unpacked the phone. I'm happy ill have the triumph nearby andknow my wife will love all the great ROMs that are available for this phone. I know this phone still has alot more to give and it will continue to one of my favorite phones
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As a grandmother, I can tell you that life is about personal growth, and adventure if you go seeking it. Don't ever be sad over a turning point in your life where you stand to gain new knowledge. You have grown since you've been here, and will continue as a new EVO owner. We may come to count on your experiences so continue to share. You may be a newbie to the EVO, but you are wise in the ways of the MT! Thanks for sharing, and good luck!
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that was actually a touching read.

i felt the same way when i put my triumph on ebay. i kinda felt bad, and wanted to take it off of ebay... but i also was tired of the bugs that the triumph had. when the phone sold i was happy and sad at the same time. but then i realized, i didnt sell the triumph forums! they are still here! so i just come back and see how things are going every once and a while. you should do the same. :)
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I'm not truly gone though lol I still lurk on here :) My girlfriend still has her Triumph so I check back here every now and then (I still get notifications from some of these threads to my email). I'm still active on here. This is the only forum where I actually care to post anything on or message peeps. Like I said, this is my extended family. I'm happy to gain the knowledge I do know from this place.

Just so you guys know, the Evo V 4G is a really good phone. Its what the Triumph should've been. I'll poke my head in every now and then to see whats up :)
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<snip wall o'text>
I did too, unfortunately this time I missed out on the original announcement of the V 4G(3D -- I blame the crapple phone hype for this as I expected them to only release ONE new "good" phone/year, and I was one of the first here to actually have an MT last year...).

V 4G is just too good to pass up, dual core and upgraded GPU, lightning fast GPS pickup(better than even my old OV and my MT was no slouch either), ICS(I just loathe pre-HC Android UI now...), nice screen, more responsive than the OV(so was the MT) and the MT

BAD/could be better:
crappy batt life(stock batt, but I have 3500mah + cover on way) and I'm so-so on just another 5MP cam even if it's a gimmicky 3D dualy + gimmicky 3D mode...

Just to clarify, I had ZERO troubles with my MT, excepting my first one stopped charging(new batt/cables/charger changes did squat, so I got a replacement) but I wanted something with a little more get up and go and with a recent OS as it was clear that holding out for a Motorola OS update just wasn't going to happen, i.e. I skipped ROMs holding out hope for an official fw until I found out about the V 4g and checked the specs... (probably just sell of my MT, keep my old OV as the backup)
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And don't bash on the Intercept, with UD6 it was a lot better than stock. Plus it started all this madness by being the first Android phone on prepaid. Unfortunately for me after 6 replacement Triumphs I certainly didn't walk away with any sadness. But it was /is a great and very forgiving device for learning your way around.
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