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Google Glass and Droid Maxx (MHL vs Miracast vs Chromecast)

So I was lucky enough to get into the Glass explorers program, and have been using it for about a week. It synchs great with my Maxx, with the MyGlass app, and using the Screencast feature is always a crowd pleaser. Here's where the fun stops though. In order to use Glass for what I really want to use it for, education (clinical sales), I need to be able to broadcast to a large audience. While my old Razr Maxx had a micro-HDMI out, this new one inexplicably doesn't have one of those, nor is it on the list of MHL-compatible devices. So I'm pretty much stuck trying a Miracast or Chromecast solution, which I really don't prefer, or am I missing something and can I use an MHL adapter after all?


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