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Google I/O - day 2 keynote

They're discussing Froyo now!

I missed the start but here's the points made that I've seen:
- Flash 10.1 ( + pop at Apple)
- NFS:Shift (46MB)
- Apps to SD
- Bug reporting to app developers
- Auto update & update all for Market
- Enhanced search (apps can add themselves to the universal search thing better)
- Web browser app market (like App Brain but with the whole purchase system possible)
- Buy music via Market
- Stream your music from your desktop collection to your Android
- Enhanced ads ... yay.
- Now pimping the Evo. I wish I was at the conference, it's "available" to participates (does that mean free?).

They're now on to Google TV.
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Google is really giving Apple the business today.

Also, Google is completely owning this keynote. So many great new features coming to the Android, it's hard to contain my excitement.

I've been wanting a feature of Google Maps where you click a button and it will send the address and directions to your phone. Well, we're getting it. That right there is worth the price of admission for me.

The new Browser sounds great, as does the automatic application updating. I can't wait to see what else they have in store for us.

Updated Google Web Application store with over the air application downloading. Take that Apple! :)
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