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google music app and album art grabber


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May 31, 2010
I am currently using the Google music application on my motorola xoom.. I had some missing album artwork so i used album art grabber and grabbed the artwork.. but Google music app didn't update the artwork it still showed blank. I had to clear the data for it to show the updated album artwork.. is there an easier wsay to update my album artwork?
I find "album art" pretty dumb on a smart phone. I have all my music in an "MP3" folder, all sorted with artist folders, and album folder in those, with album art in each folder. Even at that some apps can't seem to find all the art, and generate their own "album thumbs" folder anyway. So along with my real album art, I have at least 2 other folders on my SD card full of "albumthumbs". My Google Music seems to have found them all...

You can change the GM art on a PC fairly easily, but don't think there's a "bulk" way.
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