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Help Google Play requires password for every purchase???


Just recently I can't make a purchase without having to enter my Google password on Google Play.

Is this new policy and can I switch it off somehow? I've looked in all the setting both on the web and in the app and cannot find anything. I realize that for many the extra security is good, but my password is a complicated mix of letters and numbers and I can't be doing with having to input it all of the time.

I think, this isn't a N7 problem, it's might be a Google Play Store server problem.

I've have this issue on two phones and one tablet (HTC Sensation, One X and Sony Experia tablet) after some in-app purchases.

Some of this in-app purchased had difficulties with the Google server, that vanished after a few days.
So, I can only think that these might be the reason.

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Google replied with this which is the same as the above basically:

Thanks for contacting us. I understand you have a question about the password prompt when purchasing from Google Play.
To help prevent unauthorized purchases, Google Play may prompt you to enter your Google account password prior to making a purchase. Your Google Account password is the same password you use to login to Gmail or Google Play on the web. Unfortunately, this isn't a setting you can turn off at this time.

If you don’t remember your Google Account password, click Forgot Password? on the password prompt, and you will be redirected to the account recovery process.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to let us know.
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You could always use a password app to save and use your passwords. The only problem is it would need a master password you would have to enter to use password app. If physical security of your device isn't a problem you could use a short/simple password for the app.

I'm trying keepass as it is what I use on my computer so it was easy to transfer my password database to my Nexus 7. It's much clunkier to use on the Nexus 7 because you have to copy and paste the username and passwords individually to login forms.


There are many password managers in the play store. Just do a search for password or click here.
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I don't see what the problem is. When you log into anything involving your finances, like your online bank account for instance, you have to put in your password every time. Should it not make you feel a little more secure to know that NO purchases can be made on your device (even in the event it should fall into the wrong hands) without that password being entered? Especially since you only have a 15 minute refund window, after which ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
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