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Help Google Play Services Virus Notification. What is Privacy NakedChat?

Hello all,

This morning when I looked at my phone, I had two notifications from Whatsapp and from my anti-virus app, AVL Pro. The notification from AVL Pro said it caught a Trojan on my device and when I clicked on the notification it mentioned it found one malicious threat: Google Play Services Privacy Nakedchat. I took a screenshot of it as well. I tried to look it up to see if I can find any information about it, but couldn't really find anything. I haven't hit uninstall yet. I am hoping someone on here might know more than I do. Thanks.

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Well, first things first...
antivirus and other apps like it are a gigantic pile of crap that should not be allowed to exist.

Second, I find it amusing that Google Play Services is showing up as a threat- I couldn't agree more.
I guess that even a broken clock tells the correct time twice a day.

Anyway, it is very doubtful that whatever 'anti-virus' app you are using will eliminate anything from Google Play Services, because that is a system app.

At this point, however, I am curious enough to wonder what- if anything- would happen if you let the 'anti-virus' app 'remove' the threat.

Android is very good about not letting users (even third party apps, like your anti-whatever) do any real harm to a device.

I would go ahead and run the anti-whatnot again, and let it do whatever it wants to with the 'threat'.

Then run it again, and see if the 'threat' disappears or not.

Either way, Android devices are pretty hardened against any real threats, and all anti-messabout apps are considered bunk for the most part.
(Sophos scores the best during testing, but it is still not a needed thing for Android.)

Who knows just what (if anything) from Google Play Services will be removed- it is not important because this app is connected to most everything on the device and is always running.
It constantly updates itself even when nothing else is going on with the device.

So see what happens, then please come back and tell us.
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