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Google Trademarks


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Apr 12, 2008
This could be the most decisive evidence yet that the “Nexus One” is indeed the Google Phone. Despite my own suspicions and the suspicions of other experts, the evidence continues to mount. The latest? Google has filed for and received the trademark rights for the name “Nexus One”.Go ahead… visit USPTO.gov and do an [...]

Interesting to note that Google screwed this up as well. They're not the creators of the term "Nexus One" as its in 2 copyrighted works, Blade Runner and the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. Google never sought permission to use the name from the legal rights holder. This seems to be more of an indication this is not a consumer device.
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Well, reading through some articles online, you find one talking about a Google rep who states that the device was originally designed for internal use (that is, between Google employees for their purposes). However, some off-the-record employees state the possiblity of it being sold to us (the consumer) in the near future. Nothing has been verified up to this point besides the obvious fact that the phone exists.
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... the filing was December 10th... well after all the rumors broke. Seems to be that, if this had really been part of the plan all along, they would have grabbed the trademark before letting all that buzz hit the web.

Also, Google has not contacted the Philip K. Dick estate about the name, clearly a reference to the "Nexus-6" Androids from "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?", one of Mr. Dick's novels and the basis for the "Bladerunner" film. They may not have a legal basis for a complaint, but I doubt Google would be this sloppy if this were intended as a Google product (I'm sure HTC has plans for this phone, with or without Google, but that's a separate issue).
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