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Google Voice more reliable?


Android Enthusiast
Dec 8, 2009
Auburn, AL
Was updating my apps to back up in TiBa to install SS when I noticed Google Voice updated. From channelog:

version 0.3.4

Improved reliability of Inbox Synchronization
SMS forwarding can now be turned on or off from the app
Several bug fixes
Support for Android v2.2p

I hope the inbox sync is more reliable now. I really want to ditch my messaging completely and only pay for MMS as needed.
GV inbox sync has worked perfectly on my Droid since the version with automatic sync was released. My wife's Droid, however, would sometimes take many hours to sync. The latest release has indeed resolved that problem.

It also fixed the problem of having to press the back button twice to return to the home screen from the GV inbox screen.
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