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Google Voice Problem


Dec 17, 2009
Ok Google Voice rocks - except now it is not working. I set my call options (I have a sprint hero) to always "ask" if i wated to call with Google voice. It worked. Now it doesn't. With the setting still on "ask" I never get the choice as my call is made from my cell phone number. No opitions showing.

I have uninstalled, rebooted phone, and re-installed. Still not working.

Anyone have a similar issue? Help please
As much as I've grown to love GV, it can be a picky varmint! I noticed that once GV is used to dial a number, it revises that number in my phone book to the following style: +1 (xxx) xxx-xxxx. Suggest you pick one number for testing purposes, & revise accordingly. Soft reboot, then tap the contact, select that number, and see if GV kicks in. At the very least, be sure an area code is present. It *should* revise your numbers into this style on its own, once it's called into play per number, but ...
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