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Help Google voice question


May 4, 2010
Hi, does anyone know how to check your google voice voicemail from another phone number?
Let's say you are at work and your cell phone runs out of battery.
How do you check your voicemail from your land line?
Of course you can always check it via the internet.
Hello, you call either your google voice number or your cell number (depends which option you chose during gv setup). Press * when you hear your greeting start, then enter your pin. You will then be able to listen to your messages and change settings. There are detailed instructions on this under gv help.
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Hi I was wondering the same thing. I just got GV yesterday so I have been playing around with it. That # you got when you first setup GV is not a "Google Number" it's an access number so when I tried calling that # from a different line it never went through. To get a official google number go to the Settings>Phones Tab and do a search for a number. There were no more available for NYC so I got one with a DC area code.
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