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Got a minute? Astrid Rawks

Astrid is an excellent ToDo list. Notifications, calendar entries, Remember the Milk syncing, widget, etc.

Ah yes, now I remember. It uses Google Docs to sync w/multiple phones. We used that briefly but went with Our Groceries instead as it was a more seamless sync setup. We didn't need the to do list or any of that so for use Our Groceries just worked better.
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I don't know about astrid syncing with Google docs, but it does sync with Remember the Milk for free which is why I use it. That and the alarm reminders which drive my wife crazy.

For us (read: my wife) the deal breaker was the fact that you have to remember to upload/download the list each time you opened it, made a change or closed it. Our Groceries is seamless and works great for us but Astrid would be the choice if we needed PC online access or the other functions aside from just the grocery list.
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