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Root Got my replacement EVO...im born again

Got my replacement EVO from asurion (insurance thru sprint) after shattering the screen on my first one within the first 33 days of ownership. Let me tell you i have deal with some incompetent customer service reps in my day but the people from asurion take the cake, just a fair warning. Although it could have just been my specific situation that was complicated for them :rolleyes:.

Anyways now that i got my EVO back, what should i do?!
Its already unrevoked 3 rooted...im using launcher pro...ect...ect
I feel like the next step is rom/kernel...but i really like stock rom :(

I was shocked at the speed of Asurion. 14 days after I bought my EVO the right side of the screen somehow (I swear to god I really do have no freaking idea how) got water damaged and it wasn't working properly. I filed the claim online at around 5:30 PM, and the replacement phone was on my doorstep the next day before 3.
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I've tried em all and his is the best looking with coolest animations. Also fast and smooth.

Truth. I'm playing around with it with Kings #11 CFS and its nice. I'll be testing it tomorrow to see if it will last a long school day, class from 10am-6pm PLUS the drive home with Pandora. If it makes this trip with life to spare, nomawgawd...
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