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Help GPS lost repeatedly, never recovers

Under location do you have use gps satellites and use wireless networks turned on. Some people have said that there case on there phone interferes with the gps signal, if you have a case on your phone I would suggest trying without it. I've also seen a post that the gps antenna is in the little section where the 2 flash bulbs are, you could try lightly tapping on it because there are two contacts there like the ones on the sim and battery cover.
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Compared to my original desire the DHD has terrible GPS. In tests between the two, the DHD takes between 2-3 times as long to get a fix, these tests are done using GPS status as it downloads the GPS assist data. Also noticed that side by side both phones in same position, they give completely different readings as to where north and south is. Tries the DHD with and without the gel skin, and it seems to make no real difference, will try it with the wireless networks setting disabled to see if it makes a difference.

And to the OP, yes my DHD has done exact same thing when using google maps, but never noticed it do it with copilot, had to switch off maps and restart to get GPS to work again, which it did for the rest of the journey, second time it did it, it regained the signal itself after a short time.
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