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Gravity Fights 2.0

From the psychedelic soul of Planet Synapsis we have the pleasure to announce

Gravity Fights 2.0

Inspired by the Amiga Classic GRAVITY FORCE, the new Android shooter GRAVITY FIGHTS 2.0 is a great psychedelic experience. The involving planet Synapsys is populated by the infinite sides of reality in the space of an insane mind. To let the energy flow in the planet, shot all the triggers of illusion that fragment its mind to open the doors of perception.

Enjoy enjoy enjoy
Just a thought, but if I had the creative edge to program something I'd take the time to make sure people would be interested..

Description is so vague that it makes me interested (psychedelics and all..) but I bet you'd have a lot more of a response if say..

You had a link.. Barcode maybe?
Pictures are always nice & easy..
Video's aren't difficult, just takes some of you're time.. and they are the perfect way to get some attention.

But nonetheless.. I'm gonna go check it out on my incredible..
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Gravity Fights 2 v2.0.1 Game for Android | Arcade & Action

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