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Great Ebay Deal on Evo. Only $499.99 for JUST THE Shipping. The phone is additional


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May 19, 2010
Dallas Area
I was browsing ebay and ran across
THIS listing. At this time, the bidding is over $300, but the shipping is $499.99 and its USPS at that. Really?

I can't believe people are bidding on it. I am not normally one to report things, but I sent ebay a message on this. On top of the over the top shipping (which is an ebay violation of terms), this seller has a feedback score of zero.

Thank you for taking the time to report this listing for violation of
our Excessive Shipping Charges policy.

We are working hard to combat the practice of excessive shipping charges
on eBay and very much appreciate your help in identifying sellers who
you believe are charging excessively for shipping. Please continue to
report these types of listings to us. We can only clean up this problem
by working together.


The eBay Community Watch Team

I know... People are nuts or just careless. One of the sellers on bay has zero feedback and is selling two Evo's from the I/O, which maybe he bought one off of another developer after the conference but come on... He is also selling two 3G iPads 32g

Update: I contacted the seller and he stated that the thought process behind the shipping was that ebay takes it's percentage off of the sale and not the shipping. Anyway he does actually have the device though as he sent proof via pic with my username and today's date in it.
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Guys its not really a rip off. Its a way to get around the ebay fee for listing. If they list it for a really low price, then ebay cant get a high fee, but the seller still get the money he want for the phone. I'm sure he wont really charge $499 for shipping and if you've been on ebay long enuff you will know this so I'm sure the bidders know.
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Its obvious he is trying to avoid the fees... i dont blame him, ebay + Paypal fees have gotten out of hand... But, i really dont think the bidders realize the shipping cost, because according to the pic, the total is ~$800 .. while there are plenty buy it now auctions for $600-$700.. so hes just going to end up with a non paying bidder and possibly a negative feedback.. not to mention its against eGay policy, so a possible suspension also
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