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Green led in earpiece?

So I went from leak 2.1 v2 to v3 last night and then did a factory reset. And this morning I've noticed a green LED that is now on inside the earpiece. This is not the LED notification light. This is underneath the earpiece mesh. I've never noticed that before.

Has it always been there, and I was just not observant enough?? Anyone know what it's purpose is? I couldn't find anything on it elsewhere in the forum.
At least you haven't woke up to find your Eris painted in PRETTY COLORS!!! or bling gems all over it!

(no this hasn't happened to me either... YET!! she's only 2 years old hahahaha)

Though while we're on the topic of LEDs... i wish we had multiple colors for the notification/trackball LED. there's alot of neat applications for that!
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