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Green phone icon?

Well, I have spent the last 6 hours trying to find the stock phone icon so I could change the color with no luck. Also have tried to find any icons that were the android logo that didn't look like crap on the droid as an icon but no. Guess my only hope now is to find a person who makes icons for a living because obviously there is nothing out there like what I want.:(
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You can use an app called Bettercut to change any icon.

The icon size is 48x48 png. That is what is stated by google guidelines for developers so I assume that is the right size. Everything I tried turned out blurry and also looked a tad bigger than most of my other icons. Could never get the corners rounded but then I could never find a copy of the original to just change the color either. I can live with a tad big just not blurry.lol I want that android green color. Even tried other icons made for android but I guess they were for older devices because they looked terrible on my Droid screen. I would be very grateful for any help because I am terrible at photoshop.lol

ps. Just your offer to help made me feel better. Thank you
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Here ya go.... 72 x 72

it's not OEM...i re-drew so hopefully it works!

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Blue Rocket you are my hero! That icon looks great. Is there any way to get the color closer to the color of the Messaging icon? On this post the color looks spot on but on the phone it look to green and not dark olive like the other icons. It is really close now and I am not complaining at ALL. I am VERY grateful for your help and if you don't want to touch the color I will keep this one on my phone with pride and tell all who see it who made it. Thank you Thank you thank you!

ps. You even did gradient color on the green. You have Mad skills! If you would like me to mail you some money for your time just let me know. Talent deserves reward.
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thanks for visiting the site...all the designs are drawn 100% by myself, I have a lot of car related stuff but am working on a lot of generic type decals as well. We also do custom work if theres something you want to make! I'm also working on a vinyl overlay to replace the sticker on the back of the Droid screen for those of you who have taken your sticker off. I'll offer any color, so you can stylize your Droid too!

here's the updated version of the icon...

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Thanks for offering more help Rocket. The only other icons I want to change are the Gallery icon and the Music icon. I don't really have anything in mind. I am thinking something without borders. Like free standing (3d maybe) objects but I am up for just about anything. The sky is the limit. Maybe they could match in some way or have some common element.

The only reason I wanted the phone icon green was because I only have four icons on the home page. All in a row and that phone one was the only blue one. Had a green theme on that page but the other pages already have some color icons on them.

So if you want to try and come up with a Gallery and/or Music icon(s) that would be great.
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