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Help gt-p5100 crashes all over the place


Aug 5, 2012
1.) Model Number GT-P5100
2.) Firmware Version not sure what this is
3.) Baseband Version P5100XXLE4
4.) Kernel Version 3.08-694194-user
dpi@dell165 #1
SMP preempt Fri Jun 20:25:40 KST 2012
5.) Build Number IMM76D.P5100XWBLF1



Had this under a year; works great but
1. last week the screen started to flicker when scrolling. I think this may be a totally diffrent issue to the next one.
2. it keeps crashing. cannot put anything into any browser address bar- tried three different browsers. Programme just shuts down, saying Unfortunately, (programme) has stopped.I go OK but then: ' Unfortunately Market Feedback Agent has stopped'.
It does this also when trying to enter a new appointment in Planner, contacts , or when in g-mail through the App- replying/forwarding.
When in a browser I can use the browser to Google/gmail as long as I don't enter the address bar. Clicking to make a bookmark- this is also in an address bar- has the same result.

Having scoured the internet I have tried several remedies- clearing caches, disabling anti virus (Avast), uninstalling recently installed apps but all to no avail.
I don't understand Android architecture but perhaps somehow some internal service has got corrupted.
Do I do a factory reset, or upgrade to Jelly Bean? Might as well do that.
At the moment the Tab is unrooted.
What a pain!


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