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[Guide] Asus ZenFone 2E ZE500CL Z00D Connectivity + IMEI/SERIAL/MAC Repair.


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Nov 27, 2017
[GUIDE] IMEI / Connection Repair on Asus Zenfone 2E ZE500CL Z00D

I am writing this guide because I recently recovered a bricked ZE500CL and after flashing around so many different files I lost my IMEI and connection abilities. After a little research and some thought I easily repaired my IMEI and restored my connection abilities. Just follow the steps below. I don't have this phone long and I am still learning so some of these steps might not be needed. Nevertheless it DOES work if you follow it properly.

What you will need:

1) Asus Flash Tool - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1n7tJr7lAlPnL8-nmK8f5kGmDHbRv5gxo
2) Asus Phone Drivers - https://drive.google.com/open?id=11XLRW5pEScYdBYwh0vDM-Wup9orGPWDf
3) Debug Service Firmware - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ISofitM3yhYpu46JD0KWGLXybvtLQyAy
4) Intel Phone Tool - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dQjjlHjWs8tDrfNU_ikgesKK2uKaTyXt
5) Intel Drivers - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hE9j35VMOD5QGHjDy_aM2vVCs2PVOOm1
6) ADB / Fastboot Tools - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nbAS8k4JMAXG8YH2qIFHpRjX60TTlYIt
7) IMEI Number - You should have this. If not generate one based off another ZenFone 2E Z00D's IMEI.
8) ZenFone Root Tool - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NHf516Yex9KfsnufVNz0vkchJWCiMHo2
9) Root File Browser (ES File Explorer, Root Browser etc) - Get from the internet, place on your phone via MTP file transfer or push/install it in adb.
NOTE: If you choose the first way you will have to go into your debugging app in the applications. It will be the one with the magnifying glass and says Asus Log something on it. I no longer have the Service Firmware installed so I can't remember. You will find it though. Once you do go in and find the usb settings and just change modes and you will see the drivers install and device ASUS_Z00D or something similar should appear in device manager under devices. If it fails to load make sure you have the correct ASUS Drivers installed and if that doesn't work the last way is to select the ( ! )Driver and then manually install the USB MTP Device driver which will fix the issue.
10) Factory Folder Backup (This MIGHT not all be needed, still checking to make sure.. for now include it) - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fvH0QdrzLFM34vsm2KNfQBU5fr8eSM14

First Step:

Download everything above and then install 6,2,5,4 (Install the drivers that come with Intel Tool before installing it. You should be prompted during installation) and then install 1.

Second Step:

Open Asus Flash Tool and make sure your phone is connected to the computer and you are in fastboot mode.

You can get there 2 ways. (1) Turn the phone off, hold Vol+, then push the power button, and when you feel it vibrate release the power button while holding Vol+. (2) Open command prompt and enter "adb reboot bootloader" (this is if you're adb is setup system wide, if not navigate to your SDK Tools folder and enter there).

Flash the Debug Service Firmware you downloaded. Check WIPE to wipe before flashing.

Once you see the phone boot up goto the next step.

Third Step:

Open Intel Phone Tool and follow this guide here to fix your IMEI! -
NOTE: You can skip the setprop commands he enters into adb shell in command prompt. This firmware already has the COM Port opened and USB Debugging enabled for you.

Fourth Step:

Now you will need to root your phone using the Root Tool I linked in the beginning (Do not worry about upgrading the SuperSU Binary.) Next you will need to install a root browser on your phone like ES File Browser, Root Browser etc. Something that allows access to root / hidden files. Navigate to /Factory and /Config and backup these two in their entirety to your MicroSD card or computer. Replace your factory with mine if it is empty and doesn't contain the files in the steps below. Now comes time to edit. Makes these changes to the files. (I am not 100% sure which all DO need to be made so I just modified most all of the values.)

These instructions are thanks to [MENTION=6810551]BORETS24[/MENTION]
I have changed them a tad as our handset differs from the one he wrote them for. I am still not entirely sure if everything needs to be copied/modified. Don't have a lot of spare time on this handset to figure out everything. I just know from testing this will get your phone functioning again.

Serial number, WI-MAC, BT-MAC repair instructions

(You will be replacing everything after step 5. Below explains what to edit.)
1. If you have an empty factory partition, use the archive, replace factory folder with archive version to root file system via file manager, ES File Explorer or others (root required and root browsing required of the application). Serial Number, WiFi MAC, BTMAC, colorID you may see on box from phone (or make up something for each value). .. you can generate the WiFi MAC based off these Unassigned? Assignments - 00:90:4C, 00:09:4C or just make one up based off a random Assignment from here - https://regauth.standards.ieee.org/standards-ra-web/pub/view.html#registries. For the Bluetooth - 22:22:AF or something you find on the previous site. You can check easier after you generate here - http://www.coffer.com/mac_find/. For color ID I left mine the same as what is in the factory.zip which is Silver.
2. Then open and edit factory/PhoneInfodisk/bt_addr.conf- this BT MAC, replace 00:00:00:00:00:00 numbers to your MAC.
3 Then open and edit factory/PhoneInfodisk/colorID- color code of your phone. For example silver is 6J.
4. Then open and edit factory/PhoneInfodisk/PhoneInfo_inf- 6F0000000 (yours will be 12 numbers) replace to your serial number, 1C002C... change to you BT-MAC, 00B72... change to your WiFi MAC, 6J change to your color code, RU... change to US,EU,CN,TW,RU (do not think this matters much). I changed mine to US I think.
5. Then open and edit factory/PhoneInfodisk/ssn- enter your serial number replacing 0000000. (12 numbers)
6. Then open and edit factory/wifi/mac.txt- enter your WiFi MAC replacing 00000.

Fifth Step:

Open Asus Flash Tools and flash desired build of RAW firmware over the Debug Service Firmware. I suggest the latest WW firmware which is ver .126. From here you can stay on this firmware after replacing the files below or surf around XDA and find out what customized ROMS are available for this phone. Personally I unlocked my Bootloader, flashed TWRP, flashed .126, flashed Resurrection Remix 5.8.4 ? on Nougat 7.1.1 and then flashed a SU. RR I wouldn't recommend as it is buggy and neither would I of MoKee as it is buggy as well. I am fixing the bugs in RR so it runs fine as I particularly like RR over others since it comes pre installed with a horde of features so you can customize your handset to your hearts desire.

1. Install a root File Browser and root your phone again.
2. Replace /config with your backed up /config.
3. Replace /factory with your backed up /factory.
4. Reboot.
Now check everything in settings and make sure it looks right. All should look A-OK except for serial #. I am still working on that and will edit this once I finish. Layout of our phone is different than the one I took files from. You might have to replace the file again if you flash certain custom ROM's. I flashed RR and didn't have to.

EDIT: After a few reboots I seem to lose my MAC's again and the serial (unknown) is replaced by Medfield1534DD97. Both WiFi and BlueTooth still work though. You just have the random default generated MAC's. I can live with that as long as it works. Though if anyone can shed some light on this issue or anything else I would be extremely grateful.

Enjoy Your Phone!


For the Asus Zenfone 2E ZE500CL Z00D I will be uploading in the near future somewhere an organized package compiled of all recoveries, roms custom + stock firmware, root, bootload unlockers, tools, apps and guides all together so you can easily download and skip the time consuming research I had to endure. It is around 10GB. I am officially done learning this phone now. It has been a long 3 days and now it is time to ship it out to a buyer. =]

XDA: phonecapone
Elsewhere: noidodroid


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