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Handcent SMS - Adverts


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Apr 19, 2010
Handcent is great sms/mms program, but bloody slow with those adverts, more so in a particular place i goto often where there is no signal and I want to read some previous texts its almost comes to a standstill because it cannot get internet!

I did have the problem with the stock app running as well as handcent, but managed to disable the stock app notification but still is running!
Can the stock one be removed? (probaby not a good idea)

Is there a pay version which you don't get these adverts?
I have reverted back to stock for just that reason alone - shame.
does renaming 'handcent' to 'messaging' improve functionality and speed? just wondering. wat happens to the stock messaging app then, can it be deleted? thanks.

Renaming "Handcent" to "Messaging" has absolutely no effect whatsoever in the same way that renaming a hamster from "Terrence" to "Growler" would have no effect on the behaviour of the hamster.

The stock messaging app still runs in the backgound because when you put the widget on your home page it still reports receipt of messages.

I don't know if it can be deleted, sorry.
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I had some bugs with the new update, it sends stuff quite slow. Still doesn't automatically send undelivered messages which couldn't be sent because of no connectivity.

Also some weird bug happened when i typed stuff to my girlfriend, pressed send (but at the same time received a text message from a friend). I pulled down the notification bar right after pressing send, and went to the new message i got from a friend
my friend got the message that was supposed to go to my girlfriend.

It has happened twice today after the update, and I don't like it.

additional info: I have about 8000 stored messages.

Also: auto deleting messages using the stock app does not work! (and has never work on my phone) the message app and handcent will just freeze over and over again.
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